Recruit Rockstars 309: Selling Without Selling Out (Sell Your Business Without Selling Your Soul)

Recruit Rockstars
February 6, 2020

By: Jeff Hyman

Sunny is Managing Partner of Satori Capital, a very different kind of Private Equity firm, based in Dallas.

In his work as an investor, he draws from a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, having led his business, Data Return, to a $3 Billion market cap & becoming one of the youngest CEO’s of a NASDAQ company.

He’s had the rare opportunity of selling his business twice, buying it back in between.

Prior, Sunny has served as a Section Leader in the U.S. Army’s 2nd Ranger Battalion & led a team at Microsoft

In his new book Selling Without Selling Out: How to Sell Your Business Without Selling Your Soul, Sunny offers practical advice for selling your business – or taking on an investor – without compromising what matters to you.

If you’re thinking about raising capital – or selling your business – you’d be hard-pressed to find better advice than Sunny’s in this 20-minute conversation.


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