Price is not the only thing that matters.
It might not even be the most important thing in a sale.

For many leaders, people and culture are important, but the traditional process prioritizes financial outcomes over everything else. What if you could raise capital or sell your company knowing you are doing the right thing, not just for yourself, but for everyone who helped you get here? There is a way to do just that—to get an outcome that honors both your legacy and your values.

Selling Without Selling Out is available now. Order your copy today.

Selling Without Selling Out is a roadmap starting at the moment you feel something has to change, through the ins and outs of the human side of the process, choosing the right partner, and getting an extraordinary outcome that lives on beyond closing day.

Sunny Vanderbeck, entrepreneurial investor and former CEO of a public company, is committed to sharing lessons learned with founders and families. He invites leaders to consider their values, the needs of their stakeholders, and the sales process most likely to preserve what matters in their business.

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