Satori Capital Featured in ‘Sum and Substance’ Video Series

Sum and Substance
July 18, 2018

Sum and Substance, a series of videos and events focused on creating purpose at work, featured Satori Capital in a new video titled, “Is This the Future of Investing?” The video features Satori’s co-founder, Sunny Vanderbeck, telling the story of Satori’s founding and its purpose: To create, fund, and inspire businesses that elevate humanity.

“When you go talk to the professional investors, their first question and their biggest objection is, ‘But when will we sell the company?’” Sunny states in the video. “And our point is, that’s actually the wrong question to ask. The right question is: ‘How do we create the most value for the most people?’ Turns out, if you do that, the economic pieces work out.”

The Sum and Substance series shares stories of people who have created meaning in their jobs and companies that are founded on a purpose beyond profit. Other companies featured in the series include Driversselect, Biggby Coffee, Plum Organics, and Interface Carpet. To view all videos in the series, visit the Sum and Substance channel.

Thrive Consulting, which created the Satori video and others in the series, also featured Sunny in an article about important questions to ask a potential buyer of your business to ensure a conscious outcome. The six questions, and Sunny’s advice about what to consider in the answers, can be read here.

Disclaimers: The Best Places to Work in Fort Worth Award 2017 displayed within this video was awarded by FW Inc. magazine to 17 businesses in the city of Fort Worth, Texas, including Satori Capital. Winners were assessed through an anonymous employee survey that measured key areas of an organization’s culture ranging from compensation and benefits to trust in senior leadership. Satori Capital did not pay to participate in this ranking, and employee participation was completely voluntary. For more information on the ranking, including other businesses recognized, please visit

The Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite certification displayed within this video reflects Satori’s participation in the Blue Zones Project, in which leaders and employees pledge to promote actions and lifestyle principles to create healthier work environments for employees. Satori Capital participated in the program voluntarily, and the participation certification does not constitute an award or honor. For more information about the certification, including other businesses participating, please visit

The Satori Capital Annual Guiding Principles Awards displayed within this video are honors conducted internally at Satori Capital in which employees recognize peers for demonstrating the core values of Satori’s culture. No outside entity participates in awarding these honors to Satori.

Nothing in this video or the linked article constitutes investment advice nor does it constitute a solicitation or offer by Satori Capital or its affiliates to buy or sell any securities, financial instruments, or other services. Satori Capital does not invest in, nor endorse, the other companies profiled by Sum and Substance. Furthermore, no information or materials referenced in the video should be construed or relied upon as investment, legal, accounting, tax, or other professional advice or in connection with any offer or sale of securities. Satori Capital will not treat viewers of this video as its partners, clients, customers or investors by virtue of their viewing this video. By playing the video, the viewer is confirming to reading and understanding these disclaimers.

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