Purpose and Profit Podcast Episode 1 – Sunny Vanderbeck, Satori Capital

Nfluence Partners
November 10, 2018

Satori Capital co-founder Sunny Vanderbeck was featured on the inaugural episode of the “Purpose & Profit” podcast, a new series that explores how the two elements can align in the world of business. The new podcast was launched in advance of the Mission Aligned Growth Summit in San Francisco on November 14, 2018, at which Sunny is also a featured speaker.

Gary Moon, managing partner of boutique investment bank Nfluence Partners, interviewed Sunny for the podcast, exploring topics such as the purpose behind Satori’s creation, how long-term horizons support value creation in a business, and the critical questions business leaders should consider when exploring a sale or other major transaction for the companies they’ve built.

Sunny also discussed his upcoming book, Selling Without Selling Out: How to Sell Your Business Without Selling Your Soul. To illustrate some key messages from the book, Sunny shared an impactful question he posed to a recent audience of CEOs: “If you knew for certain your acquirer would fire 100 percent of your employees the day after you sold your company, how much more would they have to pay?” The response to this kind of eye-opening question can help business leaders articulate their values and principles around non-financial aspects of a transaction.

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