The Next Bend: Never Give Up, Never Go Alone

I gave this talk about difficult times to a group of friends and business leaders a while back. Ever the optimist, I didn’t really think then that another difficult time was headed our way. Now as we weather the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m sharing this message again in the hopes that you will find it helpful… Read More

The Day After

The most difficult questions to ask end up being the most important ones. They are usually variations on a single question: What are you going to do with my company the day after this transaction closes? Too many CEOs follow the ostrich plan, sticking their head in the sand in an unconscious effort to avoid… Read More

The Point of No Return

Choosing a buyer or investor is like choosing a spouse, but with one major difference: Selling your business is usually irreversible.  The typical investment banker-supervised auction process feels a lot like an arranged marriage, where everyone leaves the question of whether this is a truly compatible partnership to chance. Bankers tightly control the meetings in… Read More

Who Are These People? How to Ensure Your Investors Are the Right Fit

Imagine yourself in a lunch meeting with a private equity investor. You notice he’s rude to the waiter and to his assistant but treats you like you’re the most important person in the room. It’s reasonable to wonder whether his attitude toward you will change once he gets what he wants—namely, your company. Then you… Read More